Teen U-Turn

Teen U-Turn

Our organization believes that teens need to have positive experiences and positive empowerment . This helps tremendously with opportunities for success as they turn into adults. This is more than education. We engage older peers to teach interactive lessons to and empower their younger peers.

 These lessons include:
  •     avoiding reckless behavior such as alcohol and drugs
  •     early sexual activity
  •     bullying
  •     how to recognize abusive/unhealthy relationships

Our youth and teens are plagued with a multitude of issues today and our Teen U-Turn program is designed to help steer our young people to stay on the right track, make good decisions, and to give them a safe haven to be with trained and caring leaders they can count on.

Do you or a teen you know suffer from:
  •     depression
  •     ADD/ADHD
  •     anxiety
  •     not fitting in at school
  •     parent addiction
  •     bullying
  •     early drug experimentation/use
  •     abusive relationships/abusive home atmosphere

This is not a complete list but some causes that lead young people to drug use or even suicide. If you'd like to have this program at your school, church or neighborhood, please call us today!
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