Awareness and Programs

Education Awareness

Working with the school districts to reform the drug awareness and educations programs offered at the schools. Determining age appropriate levels for content and deeper study and understanding with progressive grades along with public speaking opportunities from our organization coming straight from those recovering addicts.
Fighting for community education that we, along with local law enforcement, can work together to educate the entire community multiple times per year.

Overdose Awareness Day - August 31

In honer of Overdose Awareness Day, we wanted to Katelyn's Story.

We lost Katie on 2/1/15 to a heroin overdose. Life has never been the same since that day...

Katie was always such an amazing soul. Someone who always made her friends feel better. Someone who always cared about others. Someone who made the world a better place. I never thought we would ever be grieving the loss of her like this.
I suppose Katie's problems with opiates started with prescription medication given to someone else. She started with pills and it grew into heroin. She had been to treatment but was released to soon. The day she flew home from California she overdosed but was brought back with narcan. And that really started her down hill fall. The month before Katie's death we had contacted many places for treatment for her and she was actually suppose to leave on 2/1/15 for treatment but she never lived long enough that day to get on a plane.

It's hard finding the right words to explain what an amazing person she is. How she's not just another junkie. How she was this bright, beautiful child that lit up a room. All those things dim in comparison to finding her in a ball on her floor with needles beside her. Someday when we quit losing so many people to this I can look back and feel differently about things. But for now it feels impossible. Everyday another family is grieving. Everyday another mother feels my pain. Everyday so many RIP I see on my Facebook news feed. Everyday we lose these wonderful people to this drug.

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