Safe Families & Children

Safe Families & Children

Safe Families for Children is a network of Christian families that extends the community safety net by providing parents in need with a loving sanctuary for their children in the time of crisis.

Situations such as postpartum depression, illness, short term incarceration, unemployment, and addiction treatment/recovery time, can be devastating the life of a child whose parents have no one to turn to for help.

Safe Families is a nationwide organization with over 400 SAFE FAMILIES in Indiana ready to help.  

To become a SAFE FAMILY please call: 317-578-5800

or register online at:

Hope and OVERcoming, Inc. has a mission for RECOVERY and preserving the families. We know that both parents can fall into addiction and that more often than not, the women of today are in as much need as the historically higher numbers of men. 

Please do not hesitate to get the help you need or a family member due to having children. Having children and needing to leave for treatment can be a very frightening situation but the outcome without treatment can be even more difficult. 
Reach out and we can help you!
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