About Us

About Us

Hope ...OVERcoming Heroin is a charitable organization in Hamilton County dedicated to eliminating the stigma of heroin and opioid use by providing education and awareness to the community; while creating an atmosphere of healing and recovery for those suffering from the disease of addiction and their families, through advocacy and support groups.

Hope ...OVERcoming Heroin offers a variety of resources and hope for families dealing with drug addiction.

Hope ...OVERcoming Heroin is based out of Hamilton County, IN and our mission began with a hope to break the stigma of what the misconceptions are regarding drug addiction.

Hope ...OVERcoming Heroin has a variety of TEAMS working together daily to help achieve changes to offer resources and HOPE along with advocacy for families and addicts.

We offer:
Support groups with multiple certified, credentialed social workers/counselors...

Leadership Groups to go out and fight for change .....

An agenda to not only help create educational change within the schools right here by us in Hamilton County, IN. but state wide! Community Education, and more resources.

Hosting informative Forums across the state in 2015 and into 2016 with lawmakers. Explaining our agenda, proposals, witness and personal testimony and community discussion. We will be offering ONE hour of discussion with these state leaders and area prosecutors.

Please reach out to us as we have a Faith Based Ministry Outreach and Support Outreach should anyone need immediate support.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve our own home for help, the HOPE HOUSE to be able to offer another resource for help in a crisis, recovery and for healing.
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